Mod Jams

Summer Jam '23

Winners have been announced!

We are hosting a mod jam competition! In the spirit of game jams, SG Mod Jam will be an event taking place from July 19th, 2023 to August 19th, 2023. Modders will be given 1 month to create a mod based on the theme of Death. I will create a video summarising the event with other figures in the community chiming in and giving their two cents on the mods. With big prize pools and $100 going to the top winner, be sure to spread word of SG Mod Jam, and consider joining yourself!

Please upload your created mod to the nexus or a website and post a link on Discord to ⁠#mod-jam-submissions-🔨 to enter the competition

Good luck!


  • Must be safe for work
  • The mod must be publically available and not under a paywall
  • By submitting your mod you agree to let me potentially review it in a video
  • The mod submitted must be related to the given theme of Death