Mod Catalog For 2023

A huge catalog of mods to help you see the bigger picture of modding in Skyrim in 2023!

Skyrim | December 28, 2022


Because of Skyrim’s Update problem some mods like MCO won’t work for AE 1.640. If you’re new or curious I recommend you watching this video.

Combat Mods

MCO – ADXP (Please follow my video guide on how to set MCO up if you need help)
SCAR – Skyrim Combos AI Revolution
No Recoil
DMCO | Infinity Dodge
Valhalla Combat

Watch the video below for more comabt mods!

Gameplay Mods

User Interface Mods

Magic Mods

Graphics & Atmosphere Mods

Cosmetic Mods

Armor Mods

Quest Mods

Animation Mods

Performance & Stability