A guide to essential mods, common issues and bugfixing.

Skyrim | September 23, 2022

Common Issues

It doesn’t matter. Just play

Update AMR to the latest version

Add the nemesis patcher to your antivirus’ exclusions. If it’s already there remove and add again

If it doesn’t work disable your antivirus

When running Nemesis the log will tell you which mods are installed
Example : Attack – Modern Combat Overhaul, will show : “Mod checked X : amco”

If you see a “Mod checked X : “ without a code it means Nemesis has an issue. Delete the folder “Nemesis_Engine/cache”

Depending on your setup the folder will be :

in your Nemesis dedicated output folder if you made one

in your MO2 overwrite folder

directly in your game installation

Make sure you have AMR enabled for the correct game version

Make sure you have the correct Address Library version for your game. Make sure it is also activated

If it is already the case, you installed one of your mod for the wrong version of the game. The error message will tell you exactly which DLL (and thus which mod) is causing it

Make sure you have the correct DAR version for your game (SE or AE 1.6.3. AE 1.6.6 is not supported yet)

My issue isn’t solved