Blender Add-On

The ultimate Skyrim animation Blender add-on

Skyrim | October 7, 2022
Thanks to the Blender Foundation for Blender, the software carrying the modding scene


Way more control, a lot more customizable, much less prone to error, tremendously less work

This add-on allows the import of annotation presets, the export of annotations, the export of AMR motion/rotation datas and comes with a keyframe based system. Annotations and variables are controlled with the same system as for animation. You tweak them directly in Blender per animation

Complex annotation schemes like Precision or Payload Interpreter become trivial with this add-on
You can tweak the values directly in Blender on a per animation basis

Using a preset

Select your bone in pose mode

Save a keyframe for the location

Adjust values :

Go to the bone tab

Scroll down to “custom properties”

Change the relevant custom properties values and keyframe them

If the value is equal to -1 when a location keyframe is detected, it won’t be written in the annotation

If at frame 20 there is a custom property with value 5

If there is with a location keyframe but no custom property is not keyframe

The custom property will still be written in the annotation

  • Click on export preset

  • You should have a file called “thenameofyouraction.txt” in the same folder as the Blender file

    • If Blender says you don’t have permission:

      • save the file

      • Open the blend file directly in the windows explorer instead of opening Blender and then opening your file from there

Creating a preset

“yourbonename” : ““

“PIE.@SGVF|MCO_AttackSpeed|1.2” : ””

0.0 PIE.@SGVF|MCO_AttackSpeed|1.2