Beautification Guide

Learn how to make beautiful female characters, and find other noteworthy mods you’ve never heard of before!

Skyrim | April 15, 2022

Mandatory Requirements

Body Mods

BodySlide and Outfit Studio
XP32 Maximum Skeleton

For this guide I’ll be using CBBE as my base body mod, you can also use BHUNP or TBD, but I personally prefer CBBE. BHUNP and TBD are good alternatives you might want to try yourself though, just know if you use BHUNP you need UNP Skin textures, and if you’re going to be using TBD, use CBBE Skin textures

CBPC – Physics with Collisions
Faster HDT-SMP

(You don’t need HDT-SMP if you have Faster HDT-SMP)

The Pure CBBE

BodySlide Preset Used: Umbrael’s Umbrage

Face Mods